TRIAENA MARITIME SECURITY (TMS) has outstanding individuals at every organizational level characterized by their commitment to the task and responsiveness to our clients, but also by their extreme competence, respectful manner and determined nature. Our goal is to ensure that in each operation we deliver the optimal outcome with specific emphasis on ships’ crew, cargo and material security, enabling our clients to sail through the high risk areas with the highest confidence and minimal disturbance.

Seamanship, professional training, ethics and moral, combined with the operational awareness and experience of our teams, ensure the genuine and productive collaboration and teamwork with vessels’ crews. This leads to the optimal preparation and readiness to confront the piracy threats, as well as the most effective reactions during the phase of attack, abiding to the agreed with the Master TMS’s Rules for the Use of Force (RUF).

Our Security Teams’ members are recruited according to rigorous criteria, ensuring optimal operational output during missions, while maintaining flawless cooperation with the vessels’ crews. ΤΜS utilizes English-speaking security personnel with excellent health/physical condition and psychological profile, as well as prior service experience in the Armed Forces, mainly in the Special Forces.

Our supporting personnel understand the importance of smooth logistics to ensure the legal, timely and undisturbed deployment and support to the operational teams. We always use carefully selected collaborators for support and we keep ourselves in 24/7 watch for any operation.


The operational demands of providing effective shipboard security involves working long hours at maximum levels of alertness. This requires exceptional training, character, concentration and the ability to act instinctively when required. To keep these qualities, all our guards are trained regularly and are required to pass competency tests and maintain their skills when not on active duty; this routine includes fitness training, refresher training and live firing exercises to keep a continuous familiarization with their weapons.


Our Maritime Security Operatives (MSO) initial and refresher courses are conducted by carefully selected experts, emphasizing on the following training subjects:

  • Triaena MS “Code of Conduct”.
  • Personal sea survival techniques, fire prevention and fire-fighting, personal safety and social responsibilities, elementary first aid/CPR (according to STCW).
  • Trauma management (by certified medics).
  • Team Leader & Security Team roles and responsibilities.
  • Key legal concepts and regulatory framework.
  • Triaena MS Policies and Procedures (SOP).
  • Ship hardening according to BMP4 guidelines.
  • Tanker familiarization.
  • Rules for the Use of Force (RUF).
  • Threat assessment, vessel vulnerability and risk mitigation
  • Crisis response incident & emergency management, reaction and follow-up.



Triaena Maritime Security

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