The primary service our company provides in the field of maritime security is the assignment of the necessary numbered, appropriately trained and equipped teams of armed guards onboard merchant vessels, transiting high risk areas.

Our Security Teams, in cooperation with the vessel’s Master and crew are taking advantage of ship's operational features and physical characteristics, creating an inaccessible shield around the vessel in order to minimize the probability of seizure by pirates. For this purpose, special attention is given to the correct preparation of the vessel, the cooperation with ship’s crew, ensuring the effective reaction wherever and whenever is needed, abiding under Master’s permission to the Rules for the Use of Force (RUF). Besides their firearms, our Security Teams are equipped with all necessary means to successfully perform their duties and accomplish their mission, such as special uniforms, personal safety items, communication equipment and first aid kits, helping them to confront the emergency situations.

Triaena MS (TMS) can also offer a variety of other high quality services according to clients’ needs, such as planning and risk assessment of travelling through high risk areas (identification and mitigation of the risks while underway or at anchorage), maritime security consulting and training (in particular on piracy related issues), as well as VIP escorting.


While on board, our security teams perform the following tasks:

•    Advice the Master with useful intelligence regarding the transit area and the equipment use policy through the high risk areas, as well as on the anti-piracy defensive methods and tactics tailored to vessel’s specific features.
•    Consulting and assisting, after evaluation, the ship’s Master and crew on the most effective reinforcement of the physical protection measures, in order to prepare the vessel to be ready and capable for counter response against any potential piracy threat.
•    Identify and set up the safest place (Citadel), as the last crew resort during a piracy attack.
•    Provide the ship’s crew anti-piracy training through lectures followed regularly by practice drills, before and during the passage through a high risk area, aiming at a more effective protection of the ship.
•    Collect information, analyze the situation and assess the threat level.
•    Ensure that vessel’s watch and surveillance system is optimized to the threat level, for a timely detection to avoid surprise, to deter, as well as to react promptly against any pirate attempt by applying BMP4 guidance.
•    Under Master’s permission, act in accordance with our Rules for Use of Force (RUF) to protect the crew and the vessel, abiding strictly by the UNCLOS, ICoC and the relevant flag states’ laws.



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