It is Triaena Maritime Security (TMS) policy to continuously promote a healthy, safe & pollution free operating environment. TMS conforms to the clients’ vessels policies and procedures for health, safety and environmental protection, considering all the relevant risks to its personnel as well as risks to others aboard that might arise as a result of TMS’s activities. Additionally, TMS is committed to preventing pollution and to complying with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other environmental requirements.
In order to effectively implement its Health, Safety & Environment Protection Policy, TMS:

1.    Ensures a healthy and safe working environment by taking the appropriate precautionary measures for:

a.    Hostile environment training, including procedures to promote the awareness and protect personnel in high risk or life threatening situations.
b.    Appropriate personal protective equipment, i.e. helmets, gloves, bullet proof jackets, special glasses. Body armour and helmets are to protect Team Members from highly velocity weapons (body armour should be at least to NIJ Level III standard; helmets should be PASGT or similar).
c.    Use of appropriate weapons.
d.    Medical and psychological health awareness training and support, to allow Team Members to operate effectively and safely
e.    Excluding personnel with medical, psychological problems, misconduct, alcohol or drug addicted or other improper behavior, which also derives from Masters or/and Team Leader`s report. For this purpose, periodical (semi-annual) checks are taking place.

2.    Avoids incidents that could cause human injury, loss of life or damage to the environment, the property and assets under its management.

3.    Regularly assesses all identified hazards and risks to its PCASP and the environment, evaluates the risks from its activities, products and services and establishes appropriate safeguards in order to operate within ALARP (“as low as reasonably practicable”) levels of risk, continually improving health, safety and environmental protection performance.

4.    Protects the environment by monitoring and implementing safe and pollution free operations.

5.   Ensures compliance with all National, International and Flag Administration Legislation, taking into account all guidelines, standards, codes and publications related to health, safety and environmental protection requirements.

6.    Prepares and trains shore based personnel and PCASP improving their skills for handling emergency situations related to Health, Safety & Environmental Protection.

7.    Practices at all times procedures for reporting and following up non-conformities and accidents.

8.    Implements a Quality & Security Management System (QSMS) that provides responsibilities and instructions related to health, safety and environmental protection requirements.

9.    Provides adequate resources for the effective implementation of the QSMS

10.    Improves the QSMS by taking necessary action for identified problem areas through the implementation of Internal Auditing and Management Review systems.

11.    Cooperates with clients and Masters in order to promote occupational safety and health, as well as to prevent damage to the ship, her cargo and the environment.

12.    Work with environmentally responsible suppliers where applicable.

All TMS employees are responsible for the implemention of this Health, Safety and Environment Protection Policy.

The Quality & Security Manager (QSM) is responsible to monitor and regularly review and evaluate the Safety & Environment Protection Policy on a regular basis in order to take account of any organizational priorities and changes, health, safety and environmental legislation, lessons learnt and best practices, ensuring that it remains relevant and effective. As evidence of Management’s commitment to the implementation of the above the policy is to be posted at prominent positions at TMS’s premises.



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