1.    Within Triaena Maritime Security (TMS), Ltd we have recognized the need and we have established an effective Quality Management System (QMS), in order to provide and maintain a consistently high quality work.

2.    Our main concern is meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, providing them with high quality services. In order to succeed responding effectively to market demands, it is imperative to implement our business within a certain framework defined by the specification of quality. In this context, TMS has been harmonized with a Quality Policy which outlines the following objectives:

a)   Continuous pursuit for improvement.
b)   Use of modern technological processes for the allocation of services.
c)   Close monitoring of market developments and needs.
d)   Monitoring and responding immediately to customers’ requests and questions.
e)   Keeping agreed with customers.
f)    Requiring suppliers to meet quality standards desired by TMS.
g)   Direct detection of non-compliance and initiation of corrective and preventive actions.
h)   Provide necessary tools and knowledge to all TMS staff.
i)    Growing spirit of cooperation among all TMS staff.
j)    Monitoring and compliance with laws and regulatory requirements.


3.    Every person involved in the implementation of the TMS’s QMS must be familiar with TMS’s policy, procedures and instructions and must be aware for any changes / revisions / amendments. Furthermore, we are committed to continually improve the effectiveness of QMS.

4.    All TMS staff is charged with promoting the above aims and objectives, familiarizing themselves with the contents of TMS’s QMS and observing and implementing the processes and procedures concerning their work. Furthermore, everyone connected with TMS including our outsourcers are required to comply with TMS’s quality policy.

5.    In order to achieve the Quality Policy objectives, TMS has implemented a QMS that meets as a minimum the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 28007-1:2015 standards. TMS’s QMS takes also into consideration the requirements of all applicable national, European and international standards, procedures and directives.

6.    Responsible for drafting, reviewing and ensuring the correct and effective implementation of TMS’s QMS is the Quality & Security Manager.



Triaena Maritime Security

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